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Cheap Woodworking Secrets

Posted at February 14th, 2019

Cheap Woodworking SecretsClick Image To Visit SiteWhat if I told you there was a way to get the lumber and tools you need for your woodworking projects at prices far below what everyone else pays?

But I assured my wife I’d still have enough money to fix up the place. My plan was to buy the tools and materials I needed out of my monthly paychecks.

But I promised my wife I’d fix it up in no time and turn it into a proper home for her and our two kids.

In fact, the whole thing would have been an utter disaster if I hadn’t discovered a bizarre secret that allowed me to get the building supplies and power tools I needed at DIRT CHEAP prices.

Regular price: $5 – $8 per square foot Using my method: Just $.50 per square foot! Savings: $4,500+!

Using Secret Source #1, I was able to acquire approximately 1,000 square feet of premium eastern maple hardwood flooring (with birdseye maple pieces!) for just fifty cents per square foot! I should have paid over $5,000, but I got it for $500 — a $4,500 savings!

Using Secret Source #7, I uncovered a 5007F Makita circular saw in excellent shape for almost 70% off! That’s a full $96 savings — almost one hundred bucks you can put back in your wallet!

Using Secret Source #9, I was able to locate 4×8 sheets of 5/8" cabinet grade plywood for free — that’s premium-grade plywood that didn’t cost a cent! That sound good to you?

With Secret Source #7, I found a brand-new 10 inch Hitatch table saw for just $250. That same exact model was selling in a big box hardware store for $399! That’s a whopping $149 savings!

Using Secret Source #8, I found over 1,100 square feet… Read more…

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